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saindo do forno, skype beta for linux


Nova versão do SKYPE Beta 2 ( está disponível para ambiente GNU/Linux. Esta versão vem com várias melhorias e muitas correções de bugs.

New features, improvements and bug fixes:

* 20.01.2010, version

* feature: Screen sharing.
* feature: Report abuse.
* feature: Support for UI styles.
* feature: Possibility to quote a message.
* feature: Localized time formats.

* improvement: Instant Messaging performance improvements.
* improvement: Possibility to add more email addresses to profile.
* improvement: Load all historical group conversations into event history.
* improvement: PulseAudio: Possibility to choose different audio device for ringing and notifications.
* improvement: A message is displayed when the user tries to add contacts that already are his/her buddies.
* improvement: Incoming contact request dialog.

* bugfix: Crashes when an Instant Message is out of order.
* bugfix: Skype crashed after turning on animated emoticons.
* bugfix: Pressing F6 at login screen makes Skype to crash.
* bugfix: Skype crashes when trying to send a SMS to some invalid numbers.
* bugfix: Skype crashes when clicking on an invalid Skype Name link, ie. “skype:22?add”.
* bugfix: Skype crashes when using cancel button in “add SMS Members” window and then pushing “Add” again.
* bugfix: Crashes when clicking on popup event after logged out from Skype.
* bugfix: Crashes when calling conference call with auto send video and privacy set to “nobody”.
* bugfix: Using “CLEAR CALLHISTORY ALL” API call will cause a crash.

* bugfix: HTML injections on profile’s Home Page.
* bugfix: Local time timezone has no longer an invalid value.

Instant Messaging
* bugfix: s/old/new/ command is not escaped.
* bugfix: Editing a message will not change the timestamp of the message. The edited timestamp is displayed in the tooltip of the pencil icon.
* bugfix: A group conversation stays bookmarked when left.
* bugfix: Misordered day dividers are handled properly.
* bugfix: Instant Message search settings are not working and saved.
* bugfix: Day separator in conversations was not behaving well.
* bugfix: In some cases the Instant Message disappears until the next IM arrives.
* bugfix: Wrong message displayed when adding a group conversation picture.
* bugfix: Do not select all text when editing a message.

Contact List/Main window
* bugfix: Newly bookmarked conversation now work well with quickfilter.
* bugfix: Bookmarked conversations don’t appear in contact list if done via history for never opened IMs.
* bugfix: With QT 4.5.x contact groups get collapsed after a while.

* bugfix: Option dialog resizes to fit the text.
* bugfix: Voicemail recording/resetting works better.
* bugfix: Selecting second camera to won’t work unless Apply is clicked.
* bugfix: Under SMS options the “My mobile phone number..” is always greyed out.
* bugfix: Escape key now exits fullscreen on a video call and when testing video in Video options.
* bugfix: Escape key doesn’t close “options” window.

* bugfix: No ringing sound on default Alsa device.
* bugfix: PulseAudio: AGC works better and does not put volume to 0.
* bugfix: PulseAudio: Sounds cut-off at the end and perhaps PA sound stuttering.

* bugfix: SMS character counter do not work correctly when adding emoticons.

Add/Search new contacts
* bugfix: Minor improvements for displaying error message when searching/adding existed contacts.
* bugfix: Add a Skype Contact window grows when switching back from Add a Phone Number Contact.

* bugfix: API: OPEN IM sends message instead of adding it to input area.

* bugfix: Calling without enough credit shows as a dropped call.

* bugfix: Close change password dialog when pressing escape.
* bugfix: Declining multiple file sendings doesn’t work.

* l10n: New in bundled languages: Ukrainian – Oleh Nykyforchyn.
* l10n: Back in bundled languages: European Portuguese – Francisco Miguel Ferreira, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai.
* l10n: Updated languages: Bulgarian – Nikolay Filipov & Nikolina Filipova, German – Claudius Henrichs, Estonian – Marit Mesipuu, French – Cédric Lamouche, Italian – Marco Cimmino, Lithuanian – Viktoras Kriukovas, Polish – Karol Szastok, Brazilian Portuguese – Fabio Roselet, Romanian – Péter Henning & Mónika Iancu, Russian – Pavel Shevchuk, Turkish – Ömer Emin Dede.
* l10n: Countries and languages were not correctly translated under Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional.




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